EB-5 Visa

EB-5 Visa Program

EB-5 Visa Program: Immigration Through Investment
The EB-5 Regional Center Program offers a unique opportunity for foreign investors to obtain United States Permanent Residence through a qualified investment that will benefit the region and the investor. Through investing in a Regional Center, investors and their family are permitted to live, work, study and retire anywhere in the country.

The EB-5 Visa Program authorizes up to 10,000 immigrant visas annually to qualified foreign nationals, their spouses and unmarried children under the age of 21. Investors are required to inject $1 Million or $500,000, dependent on certain circumstances, in clear traceable funds into a commercial enterprise that will generate at least ten new domestic full-time jobs. Once USCIS approves an investment, the foreign investor applies for and obtains conditional Green Card Status for two years. Conditional Status is converted to Permanent Status so long as evidence is filed and approved that the investment was maintained during the previous two-year period.

For the past two decades, the EB-5 Program has lived up to its purpose: to stimulate the U.S. economy through job creation and regional productivity. Since 2003, Regional Centers have injected more than $3 Billion of foreign capital investment into the U.S. economy and created at least 65,000 jobs. Project developers across the U.S. are creating new jobs and improving their communities through secured EB-5 funding. As the EB-5 Regional Center Program continues to gain popularity, it is expected that the program will increasingly facilitate foreign investments into the U.S.